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Origins of Dance and Guru Shishya Parampara

by Gauri Bhobe Sardesai Founder Sanskaar Nrithya Dance Academy



My second article is also about dance, but it’s different. Dance is in every person’s nature, from the time he/she is born there is movement. When you move your body in a particular rhythm its considered as dance. When did it all begin? I will not go into details, but dance is primitive and it has started right from tribal age. People who danced during happiness or sadness, or when wishing for something like rain, they must have danced to the rain gods. They must have danced in front of fire, fire being one of the 5 elements. As civilization began this dance became more regional and it was called as folk dance.


From folk dance then came the stylized form of dance, again according to regions and it created the classical styles of dance. From North came Kathak, from Tamil Nadu came Bharatanatyam, Kerela has Mohiniattam and Kathakali, Andhra Pradesh has Kuchipudi, from Orissa came Odissi and from North East came Manipuri and more were added recently like Chau dance style.



All these styles definitely show India’s rich cultural heritage. These styles take a lifetime to master and to learn these styles one should undergo intensive training. I have got an opportunity to learn Bharatanatyam under a Guru Shishya Parampara. If you ask students now days, they might not even know what it means. So, let me explain to you what it is?


Guru Shishya Parampara is an ancient way of learning under a master where one surrenders his/her time in the shelter of the master. And surprisingly I have observed this one time when I visited a renowned master in Chennai, a girl from Canada was staying in his house for 6 months sent by Government of Canada. When I asked her how do you feel leaving behind everyone and staying here she said I feel blessed every moment. So, the student starts by getting up early in the morning, starts with the studies and even helps in the household jobs like cleaning and cooking in the house of the master. She takes lessons during the whole day and practices during the spare time. He/she puts her 100% in the art they are learning and takes most of the knowledge from the master during they stay. He/She takes the knowledge to become a teacher one day and share the art to his/her students. So, as I conclude I hope as the generations go by this Guru Shishya Parampara stays and everyone feels blessed getting knowledge under a Master.


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Gauri Bhobe Sardesai, founder Sanskaar Nrithya Dance Academy in Chandler Arizona.


She is a national scholarship holder from government of India, ICCR receipient,she has been titled as Sringar Mani from Sur Sringar Samsad and a Diploma holder in Natyashastra. She is a performing artist and travels to India and USA to perform in major Dance festivals. She is a senior disciple of Guru Shri Deepak Mazumdar (Mumbai) who is a scholar and renowned choreographer in the field of Dance.


She conducts classes for children age 5 and above as well as adults. she has choreographed many Dance productions like DEVI and GANA OM, etc.


Email : gauribhobe@gmail.com