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by Gauri Bhobe Sardesai Founder Sanskaar Nrithya Dance Academy



A change in topic but still connected to dance is YOGA. From where it has originated? India right? But my Wednesday morning yoga class made me think if Yoga was even originated from our own country, when my yoga instructor was not Indian. I see a lot of interest in people around me for yoga and relaxation and all kinds of bliss. But doing these asan or poses, taught so well by a person who says Sanskrit words with his American accent made me realize that yoga being an Indian exercise has been taken a big revolution of change and adaptation by all races.


Similarly, I hope after some generations later Indian classical dance gets its new facelift, which will be recognized my Non-Indians and gives a new perspective to adapt for all races as yoga did.


Dance has Yoga in it and some of the asans of yoga are definitely named after dance postures. The goddess pose, nataraj pose and the warrior pose for instance are some of the poses that made me think I could do justice to these poses only because I know Dance.


Yoga says to relax in the posture, take deep breaths and concentrate at one point and stay calm. All this is used in Dance too. Yoga helps in balance of right and left and same thing is used in dance. The Anjali hasta, means taking hands to heart center is one of the gesture of dance and yoga too. So, if Yoga has been so popular we should put some efforts to popularize dance as well. Not just Bollywood but classical dance as well.  Yoga helps in blood circulation so does dance, it helps is development of brain. If there have been studies for Yoga to prove with all the science around that it is good for health and everyone should do yoga, if there are apps for yoga poses, which makes it more accessible, why not Dance. I don’t say we should make apps for dance and not go for class but with technology progressing so fast we should adapt to the new generation and make things easy for general public. Invite more people to learn this ancient art and make it fun for all. I am sure in the beginning Yoga revolution must have had hard times to make it popular. I just want to say by the end of this article that as Yoga has been taught by all races now and has got a facelift from the foreign influence, hope one day Dance also gets a new look and not coming from the influence of foreign culture but by India itself.


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Gauri Bhobe Sardesai, founder Sanskaar Nrithya Dance Academy in Chandler Arizona.


She is a national scholarship holder from government of India, ICCR receipient,she has been titled as Sringar Mani from Sur Sringar Samsad and a Diploma holder in Natyashastra. She is a performing artist and travels to India and USA to perform in major Dance festivals. She is a senior disciple of Guru Shri Deepak Mazumdar (Mumbai) who is a scholar and renowned choreographer in the field of Dance.


She conducts classes for children age 5 and above as well as adults. she has choreographed many Dance productions like DEVI and GANA OM, etc.


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Picture Courtesy : Mahi Yoga.