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All Set to Celebrate Vishu Festival with Vishu kani, Kaineetam at Arizona

by Webdesk


Phoenix: The Malayalee expatriate community in Arizona is all set to welcome the Harvest Festival ‘Vishu’ on Sunday, April 07, 2019 at Indo American Cultural Center, Phoenix, Arizona.  The Malayali diaspora try to retain the zest and color of celebrations in Kerala.


Vishu is one the most popular South Indian festival which is widely celebrated in Kerala, Karnataka and Tami Nadu. Vishu marks the beginning of Malayalam New Year - the first month of the astrological (zodiac) calendar. The first day of the Malayalam month ‘Medam’ is marked as the Vishu day, falls during the month of April.


The first sight in the Vishu day morning is ‘Vishukkani’ the most significant event during Vishu.  People woke up in the wee hours to see the auspicious ’Vishukkani’ symbolising hope, promise and fine prospects they wish to have in the seasons ahead.


The ‘Vishukkani’ consists of a traditionally arrangement of articles such as a mirror, rice, cash, flowers – yellow flowers called Konnapoo (Cassia Fistula), cotton dhoti, betel leaves, jackfruit and gold coins are also placed before an idol of Lord Krishna in an ambience lit by the nilavilakku.


After viewing ‘vishukkani’ the elder member of the family gifting money to their younger ones in the family as it is considered to bring in luck and prosperity. The younger members touch the feet of the elders and take blessings. This tradition of gifting money to younger ones is known as ‘VishuKaineettam’.  The Vishu Sadhya or grand feast is also an integral aspect of the festivity, served traditionally on a banana leaf, eaten mostly during lunch on Vishu.


To commemorate the traditional festival, KHA, an Arizona based non-profit celebrating “Vishu” with a hodgepodge of cultural programs, Vishukkani, Vishukaineetam and quintessential Vishu Sadhya.  The celebration starts at 10:30 a.m with viewing of vishukknai, lighting the traditional oil lamp, signifying the inauguration of this year’s Vishu Celebration followed by vishusadhya and cultural programs .


The traditional Vishu Sadhya is serving with nearly 20 traditional items on a banana leaf, including parippu curry, sambar, pachadi, kalan, aviayal, inji curry, banana chips, pappadam, thoran and payasam.   The grand feast is preparing by association’s volunteers.


According to the event coordinators, “Our endeavor is to recreate the same nostalgic memories for us, with a  Vishu Kani, Kaineetam, Traditional Sadhya and cultural programs that will transport us back to our God’s own country.”


“Our events are always sold out, so we request all to get your tickets at the earliest.”, they added.


Tickets are available online at www.khaaz.org


Here's wishing everyone a very happy and prosperous Vishu and New Year.