Induction Ceremony – Arizona Indian Nurses Association for the New Board of Directors

by Press Release


Phoenix, AZ : Arizona Indian Nurses Association (AZINA), a professional organization of Indian nurses in the state of Arizona, organized an induction ceremony for the new executive committee members for the term 2023-24. AZINA was formed in 2020 by a group of Licensed Nurses of Indian origin residing in Arizona with the purpose of empowering all nurses of Asian Indian origin for their personal and professional growth while contributing their best to promoting a healthy Arizona. AZINA also intended to make the Asian Indian nurses more visible as leaders of healthcare systems nationally and internationally. Currently, the organization has nearly 200 members and it serves as the State Chapter under the umbrella of National Association of Indian Nurses of America (NAINA).

President of NAINA Suja Thomas was the chief guest while Arizona Nurses Board (AZBN) President Carolyn Jo McCormies was the keynote speaker at the event.  



The program started formally with a prayer song sung by Lakshmi Nair followed by the lighting of the lamp by the office bearers of the organization and distinguished guests. Then the president of the organization Dr. Ambili Umayamma welcomed everyone to the event. NAINA secretary Umamaheswari Venugopal performed the induction ceremony of the new board members. These inauguration ceremonies were held in the presence of representatives of various socio-cultural voluntary organizations in North America. India Association of Phoenix President Radhika Shiva, Pastor Roy Cherian, Rev. Father Thomas Mathai wished the new board members all the best and offered support to their future endeavors.

President Elizabeth Sunil Sam, Vice President Lakshmi Nair, Secretary Anju Rastogi, Joint Secretary Bopsi Francis, Treasurer Anita Binu, Joint Treasurer Jolly Thomas, Communication and Public Relations Ajitha Nair, Bylaw Committee Chair Sincy Thomas, Election Committee Chair Seema Nair and Jessy Abraham, Membership Chair Bindu Simon and Dr. Shaju Francis, Professional Development and Continuous Education Chair, Robbie Cherian and Mary Biju, Special Events, Awards and Scholarship Chair Suma Jacob and Dr. Arya Bindu, Editorial Chair Dr.Shobha Krishnakumar. The governing body comprising of Ambili Umayamma, Lekha Nair and Vinay Kapadia as advisory board members.

Secretary Lekha Nair presented the previous year’s activity report and Treasurer Vinay Kapadia presented the income and expenditure reports of AZINA. Seema Nair and Anju Rastogi were the emcees of the program while Dr. Shobha Krishnakumar gave vote of thanks.