Time to clean......not your garage but your mind and body!!!!

by Dr.Jilsy Dins


Concept of Rithu Sandhi:

Rithu Sandhi is the junction between two seasons. The last seven days of one season and the starting 7 days of next season. So now it is Rithu Sandhi- the end of summer season and the beginning of fall.


Importance of Rithu Sandhi: During this period the immunity of the body will be low which make us prone to seasonal flu, allergies and other communicable diseases. So Rithu Sandhi is the perfect time for body detox and rejuvenation.


Ayurveda is not a one size fit for all. So for each person the regimens with food, exercise and treatments differ.


The safe cleansing treatments one can undergo during Rithu Sandhi include Nasya- cleansing the upper respiratory tract; Virechana- cleansing the gastro intestinal tract. Doing these cleansing treatments after poorva karmas like Abhyanga (oil body massage), swedana (fomentation) helps to avoid seasonal flus, sinusitis, skin allergies, migraine, stomach flu ....


Experience the magic of body detox during Rithu Sandhi.


The cleansing process in Ayurveda is called Panchakarma . Pancha means five and karma means processes. They are:

1. Vasthi

2. Virechana

3. Vamana

4. Nasya



Vasthi is the process of introducing medicine through the rectum and it is mainly for Vata disorders which means mainly neorological and pain disorders.


In this treatment, medicines are churned together into a fluid and introduced through rectum where the absorptive power is very high. Vasthi is effective in cases of low back pain, chronic constipation, Rheumatoid arthritis and Rheumatic fever.


Virechana is inducing purgation by giving medicine orally. So after 7 or 14 days of Poorvakarmas (massage, steam bath, bolus massage...) the impurities in the body will be soaked like the dirt in the dress is soaked with soap and water. On the 8th day or the 15th day, medicine is given orally so that the whole impurities or toxins in the body are flushed off.  For the day of Virechana, specific Virechana protocol is there. After that a diet chart will be given according to the body mind constitution (prakruti).


Vamana is inducing vomiting by giving medicine orally. Concept is same as Virechana. It is done mainly for skin diseases, respiratory disorders...


Nasya is for the cleansing of upper respiratory tract. In this medicine is introduced through the nostrils after giving oil massage for face, head, shoulders and chest, followed by giving steam. The medicine used for Nasya is different for each condition like migraine, sinusitis, facial paralysis, headaches ....7 days treatment is the most advisable.


Raktamoksham is bloodletting, by leech, incision, vein puncture...It is done for skin disorders, arthritis, migraine....


Body cleansing is essential to restore and rejuvenate health. The toxins and wastes accumulated in even the cellular level of body is capable of making even genetic mutations which we carry to coming generations. Take the responsibility of our own health. Don't wait for the disease to fall upon you. Wishes for a healthy life ahead.....



Jilsy Dins BAMS, MSW, LMT

AyurVilla Wellness Center